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Lawsons Cleaners

Lawsons Cleaners

You can conduct your cleaning duties on your own or you can delegate them to us. We are an experienced and highly qualified cleaning company that specialises in a wide number of cleaning services. We are highly ambitious and motivated professional cleaners that value their clients greatly. It is like this because we appreciate the trust that our customers have in our abilities. This is why we always approach the projects of our clients as if they are our own and strive to handle them in a flawless manner. Another reason why we try to be meticulous in our line of work is that the satisfaction of our customers is of great importance to us, that's why we created our deals.

We can assist you with any type of project

To our understanding we are the only cleaners in Fulham that maintain the entire gamut of cleaning services. We have a long service list because we want our customers to know that we can lend them a hand with any kind of cleaning routine. Here are posted some of our most sought services.
  • Full domestic and commercial cleaning services
  • Partial domestic and commercial cleaning services
  • Spring cleaning services
  • One off cleaning services
  • Carpet cleanings services
  • Patio cleaning services
  • Curtain cleaning services
  • Driveway cleaning services

We established our company several years ago and since day one we have always been working in full transparency. We work in an open manner because:

  • We want our clients to feel at ease with the fact that we will be cleaning their properties and belongings.
  • We don’t approve of malpractices such as keeping our customers in the dark or surprises them with hidden taxes.
  • We want to deserve the trust that our clients have in us and win their loyalty and friendship.

We are waiting for your call

If we have managed to prove to you that we are indeed the best cleaners in Fulham, don’t wait a moment longer to call us. By contacting us momentarily we will be able to discuss the parameters of your project and fit you in our flexible work schedule. We will also gladly answer to all your questions and provide you additional information about our services and methods of work. Last but not least we will present to you your individualised quote. Know that our quotes are free of obligation and charge.

We are based in the area of Fulham. The district lies in the central parts of the English capital and is part of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. At the moment the area has a population of over 80.000 people and is located at about four miles from the famous intersection of Charing Cross. Fulham Palace is beyond any doubt the most prominent landmark of the district. The building dates back to the 13th century and for centuries was the official residence of the Bishop of London. The palace lies in close proximity to Bishops Park which is another well-known local landmark. Fulham Palace currently houses a museum that is dedicated to its history. The area is also home to the world famous football clubs of Chelsea and Fulham.

Most Booked Services

Carpet Cleaning

We are professional cleaners that specialise in carpet cleaning services. There isn’t a type of carpet that we cannot clean, so don’t be hesitant to contact us if your carpet is stained and soiled.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Allow us to handle your end of tenancy cleaning while you are organising your relocation. We are cleaning experts that provide services of the highest quality at very affordable prices.

Oven Cleaning

Don’t hesitate to use our services if you cannot maintain your household in a tidy condition. We are a professional cleaning company that provides the best domestic cleaning services in Fulham.

Domestic Cleaning

Don’t hesitate to use our services if you cannot maintain your household in a tidy condition. We are a professional cleaning company that provides the best domestic cleaning services in Fulham.

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Other Services

Home Services

House Cleaning

We are professional cleaners that can quickly, swift and efficiently clean your home. We have been providing house cleaning services of a number of years, so trust us that we can handle your project.

Cleaning Services

We are the contractors to contact when you are in the need of professional cleaning services. It is like this because we are the most experienced and capable cleaning experts in Fulham.

Spring Cleaning

It doesn’t matter whether you are facing a quick spring cleaning routine or a large scale and labour intensive project because in either case we will provide you the best spring cleaning services in Fulham.

One Off Cleaning

Our one off cleaning services are tailored to match the highest requirements of the cleaning industry and this is why we are the favorite cleaners of the local community. Know that we are waiting for your call.

Home Cleaning

Between going to work and raising your children, you barely have time to clean your home. This is why you should use our home cleaning services and spare yourself from at least one of your responsibilities.

Driveway Cleaning

Most people neglect to clean their driveways, don’t be like them and call us to provide you the finest driveway cleaning services in Fulham. This way you will have a driveway that is free of oil stains and tire marks.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We use only the finest dry carpet cleaning machines. So, rest assured that we won’t damage the fibres or base layer of your carpet while you are dry cleaning it.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Not many cleaning companies have the tools to provide hard floor cleaning services in Fulham. Fortunately for you, we aren’t like most companies, so give us a call if you are in the need of such services.

Kitchen Cleaning

We can clean your entire kitchen from top to bottom in a quickly, smooth and meticulous manner. It is like this because we use only the best cleaning tools and products.

Commercial Services

Office Cleaning

Your employees will be much more productive if you ensure them a clean work environment. So, give us a call and allow us to maintain your office in a clean and tidy state.

Window Cleaning

There are numerous types of windows and we can clean every single one of them. So regardless whether you have bay, French, casement, bow or hopper windows, give us a call and what us work our magic.

Commercial Cleaning

We provide both full and partial commercial cleaning services. So, if you are a business owner and your place of work is dirty, know that we are the ideal contractors for you.

Floor Cleaning

Throughout the years we have cleaned numerous types of floors and we have managed to handle all these jobs perfectly, so be certain that we have the know-how to clean your floors as well.

Professional Services

Sofa Cleaning

Your couch is the focal feature of your living room or waiting room, so use our sofa cleaning services in order to prevent it from accumulating stains and harmful particles.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs tend to soil and stain easily and if they are not cleaned quickly, they may suffer from permanent damage. So, as soon as you notice stains or dirty on your rug, give us a call to come and lend you a hand.

Upholstery Cleaning

Vacuuming your furniture upholstery won’t be enough to maintain it in top condition. So, every now and then give us a call and take advantage of our upholstery cleaning services.

Professional Cleaning

We are known as the cleaners that provide the best professional cleaning services in Fulham. We have earned our reputation by working hard and always meeting the demands of our clients.

Deep Cleaning

We have the needed machinery to provide you deep cleaning services of work class quality. We have invested heavily into the right equipment because we believe that our clients deserve the best services.

Curtain Cleaning

Why have tarnished and stained curtains in your home or office, when they can be clean and add to the ambiance of your property. Maintain your window treatments via our curtain cleaning services.

Mattress Cleaning

Have us clean your mattress regularly, so that you can have the comfort of mind that you are sleeping in a bed which is free of harmful particles such as bacteria, germs, insets, dirt and dust.

Patio Cleaning

We can rejuvenate your patio with our cleaning services. In fact we known to provide the best patio cleaning services in Fulham, so don’t wait a minute longer to call us and book us.

Other Services

After Party Cleaning

Please, feel free to use our after party cleaning services after every event that you have hosted. We have a flexible work schedule and we work with fair and reasonable prices.

Ironing Services

We can aid you maintain your clothes in good condition via our ironing services. We have been in the business for a very long time and we know how to properly handle all types of clothing.


Why have a boring backyard when you can have a heavily garden by using our gardening services. Don’t worry about the price of our services because we work with cost effective prices.


We provide the best babysitting services in the area due to the fact that we have a team of fully licensed and highly capable sitters. We have handpicked every single one of our workers because we work only with the best.


When it comes to catering services in Fulham, we are literally unrivaled by the other companies. It is like this because we have the best cooks and waiters working for us.


We can handle equally well both single item removals and full scale relocations, so don’t be hesitant into contacting us and hiring us for your upcoming move. We are impatiently waiting for your call.


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